Joyce Huff

Your performance on October 25th in Danville, Pa. was phenomenal!!!!  WHAT A SHOW!  From the very first note sung, we knew we were in for a real treat.  What a gorgeous voice!!!!....Mr. Larry are a mega talent!  In hearing you sing, it really is hard to believe that there was ever anything wrong with you; thank God you were cured!  The Earls are all very talented and we consider ourselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear your beautiful harmonies in person.


Thank you so much for transporting us back in time to an era where music made one feel good.  What an evening! 


Joyce Huff

Janet Innamorata

We were at Bethpage High School this past weekend to see your excellent performance.

I continued to hear you sing by purchasing your latest CD….

I must tell you this cd is just great….you did a great job with it…I play it over and over…

Jay Seigel said Saturday night that at our age we don’t remember why we go into the

kitchen, but we remember each and every word of our favorite songs….

Amazing….they are very very special songs to be etched into our memory for such a number of years.

Right now I am listening to your “Love Letters” one of my all time favorite songs and hearing you sing this

just brings me into another time……You are an icon legend……

We go to every show that we can be at,  and I thank you for being at the shows still entertaining us at your young age…….

We are certainly a special generation like no other......and I am so happy to be a part of it….

Hoping to see you again real soon.

All the Best,

Janet Innamorata

Fr. Eddie

My name is Fr. Eddie Bernal, and I am a Catholic Priest here in San Antonio Texas at St. Benedict Church.
I am writing to thank you for all the memories, and especially for your recent work with PBS doo wop concerts.  Whenever the local PBS station has a concert fundraiser, I always buy the DVDs.  Your music is a great ministry and comfort to me.  I enjoyed your music back in the day, and more than ever now.  I especially love " I Believe."
If you all are ever in the Texas area, it would be great to see you.
God bless,
Fr. Eddie

Helen and Bob Wallace

It was WONDERFUL to see you in State College in April.  Thank you for being so gracious.  I know my husband (although he would never admit it), loved singing with you.  Your voice is just so remarkable.  We purchased the solo album and I don't think I have stopped listening to it yet.  I am not normally a jazzy kind of listener, but you really know how to knock them out of the park!!!

Hope to see you sometime real soon.  Til then, be well.


Helen and Bob Wallace, Harrisburg PA


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance last night at SCSC in New Haven. As always, everyone was on top of their game! The only disappointment was that your time on stage was TO SHORT!!!!!!  Larry, your voice is better than ever. Your range is phenomenal. I would also like to thank you for autographing my CD. You were so gracious to do that. I'm ordering your new CD and I know it won't be a disappointment. You are consistent with each song you sing. It's guaranteed entertainment! Well, God bless all of you and I look forward to hearing AND seeing you all again soon.
Thanks again, Sandy : )

Joan Stopa

My daughter and saw you perform this past Saturday at the Strand. You were absolutely terrific and it is wonderful that you are able to sing again. Your set was so enjoyable.

I Believe was my husband's all time favorite song (he loved the oldies). He passed away recently from cancer which the doctors felt was due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. In fact, we always played the oldies for him when he was sick. We don't know if he heard it, but we have to believe he did.

Needless to say, I cried through your beautiful song; you sounded like a gift from above. 

Thank you again.

Joan Stopa


I want to say that I saw you & your band perform at the Van Wezel in Sarasota Florida 2 weeks ago and the show that you guys put on was wonderful - I live in The Villages and know that you will be entertaining here soon.  You will love it here and they will love you and your band.


Also - I want to congratulate you on being Cancer Free - My son-in-law at 42 with - 2 babies and a wife - is now going through Chemo for Colon Cancer and when I hear success stories like yours I know the hope is there for him and his family - and I also "Believe" there is someone up above watching over us.


I wish you well and keep on going.


Your fan



Steve and Maureen of London

We have e mailed you in the past as we are such great British fans of yours.

Now we wanted you to know that we are getting married on Saturday 4th April in a registry office here inLondon, and we have chosen your version of

"I believe"  as the music for my Fiancee Maureen to walk down the aisle . It is such a beautiful song and  that is our favourite version of a great timeless classic.


Kind regards

Steve and Maureen of London


I can only speak for myself, roy, darcy and joe , but we were  disappointed that larry chance was on for such a short time. He puts  on such an awesome  performance. ----he gets the crowd going.  Please  bring him back, 1 hr. Would be wonderful........:)           if you  don't mind some suggestions "the classics" put on a nice show.  "tony  orlando" is awesome.  Don't forget larry chance......... If we could  only pick one, it would be "larry chance"  without question.  I hope  you don't mind this email pearl.  I just felt that you would like to  know. Thank you. You are still awesome and we enjoy comingto your shows.  Give us a heads up for the next one and we will be  there.


Eddie Bernal

 I just wanted to write and thank you again for all you and the band do.  As you know, I am a priest here in the Archdiocese of San Antonio and Pastor of St. Benedicts Catholic Church.  Last night I was having a few drinks and food with some of our parishioners at an informal Christmas  party.   All of us are over 60.  I was telling them about the DVDs I have and they wanted to listen and watch.   We put them on, and your music again touched many people there, especially 2 airborne veterans who were in the room with us, and one cancer survivor.  There was not a dry eye in the room when you shared your cancer story and dedicated "I Believe" to the member of your group.   You continue to touch so many people, people you do not even know.
I pray that you continue to do well and  I  pray you have a beautiful Christmas and  New Years.  It is still a dream of mine that someday you all will be in San Antonio or close  to San Antonio.   A few years back they had a doo wop concert here.  I got to meet Kathy Young, and that was a big thrill for me.
God bless you Larry
Fr. Eddie Bernal